1.How can fully automatic disposable face mask equipment to produce high-efficiency and low-resistance products?

The material rack needs to be equipped with tension system to ensure the constant tension of material running . The pulling wheel reduces the contact area between the equipment and the material as much as possible, and optimizes the program control method to make the equipment drive smoothly.

2.How can fully automatic disposable face mask equipment realize to unmanned mask production?

Unmanned production needs to be combined with automatic material changing system, CCD detection and sorting system, sterilization system, finished product output packaging system etc multi-stage intelligent process, which is the direction of intelligent manufacturing. Our company has been at the forefront of the industry in some fields.

3.What technical points should be paid attention to in the production of automatic disposable slippers machine?

It is necessary to pay attention to ensuring the uniformity of materials and the adjustment methods for local changes. It is also necessary to pay attention to the safe operation of equipment operation, especially the shoe toe part of the slippers, which requires professional commissioning .

4.What is your tips for operating Automatic Non-Woven Compressed Towel Making Machine?

Note the air pressure range.

Note the humidity regulation when the materials is humidifying

With safety operation in mind, do not put hand or any part of your body into the machine.

5.How often should maintenance be performed on disposable face mask machine?

Generally speaking, maintenance should be performed every 7 days, or half a month for standard machines. And the transmission system, connections need to be lubricated randomly, as well as cleaning up.

6.What kind of after-sales service can you provide?

We would have you send someone to our facility for training before ship. When machines arrive at your facility, we would send our engineer to your facility for installation, and would be a simple training for your engineers, going over the machine, troubleshooting etc. Meanwhile, we will build a after-service system for your account. That is, our commissioning engineer, electrical engineer and programmer will be in contact to answer your questions and fix your problems at any time, and offer a solution within the shortest time. We would also send engineers for any issues can’t be resolved by your side. We would send our engineers to your facility for preventive maintenance, optimizing performance continuously through collecting customer’s feedback.

7.How long is the working life of mold?

The raw material we used is imported DC53 mould steel and the heat treatment process of steel can reach 61℃. Under the premise of normal use, it can be guaranteed that the cutting roller can cut 4 to 5 million pieces. During the warranty, the mould can be repaired free of charge. The service life of the welding roller can be up to five years.

8.What certification reports do your machines have?

We are a high-tech enterprise, machines with CE certifications. The quality of the equipment meets the requirements of being exported to the European and American markets, and has rich experience in serving the world’s top 500 companies.

9. Will you provide any free of charge parts be shipped with machine ?

Some wearing parts such as cutters, scissors, belts, etc. The machine is guaranteed for one year expect the damage by human error. In order not to affect the normal production of the machine, we will recommend customers to purchase spare parts and will provide a corresponding spare parts list.

10.Are your ultrasounds imported?

Our ultrasonic system continue the technology from Taiwan, and our R&D teams constantly strive to innovate and improve. All ultrasonic spare parts are purchased from the biggest brand, imported from Taiwan to ensure the best performance. In particular, we have close cooperation with Germany ultrasonic company if customer have special requirements.