Automatic Protective Film Medical Mask Machine

Machine Size 7730*5330*1670mm
Output 40 pcs/min
Voltage 220 V/380V
Power 5.8 KW
Pressure 0.6 Mpa
Fuselage material Aluminium alloy
Special requirement Mask size need to be fixed

1) Adopt standard one-out two-body machine design, easy to adjust and easy to change molds

2) Connect the rotary ear band machine to complete the upper ear band process

3) The ear band machine adopts the material tray type to carry the mask body to ensure accuracy

4) The upper goggles technology, synchronous belt positioning the finished mask, the position is accurate

5) The vacuum sucker takes the material without any trace or damage to the material

6) The motor is equipped with a screw rod to move materials to ensure a uniform position

7) Full machine automatic production, stable operation, while reducing labor costs, effectively improving product quality

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