2021 Good Quality Mouth Clear Mask Product Line - Automatic Hijab Medical Mask Machine – Hengyao

Machine Size 5905 * 2300 * 1900mm
Output 40~50 pcs/min
Voltage 220V  60HZ  ≤15A
Power 8 KW
Pressure 6kg/cm²
Fuselage material Aluminium alloy
Special requirement Mask size need to be fixed

1.Using standard one out two mask body machine design, easy to operate and change the mold more convenient

2.Adopt tie rod type ear loop welding machine to complete ear loop welding

3.The ear loop machine adopts the fixed tray to carry the mask body to ensure the accuracy.

4.Rail-type cross positioning mechanism to ensure that the ear band can accurately complete the cross action

5. Full automatic production line under stable operation, while reducing labor costs and effectively improving product quality