Behind the mask: one of the world’s most complete industrial chain supply chain

Affected by the epidemic, mask machines are also in short supply. A number of key companies headquartered in Huangpu District, Guangzhou and their supply chains have established a flat mask machine research team. It only took one month to overcome difficulties and produced 100 mask machines. According to the introduction of the national machine intelligence company, the lead enterprise of the research team, the first flat mask machine was developed and pressure tested in 10 days, and 100 sets were produced in 20 days. This is because there is no previous experience, the procurement of key parts is very difficult, and the technical staff is extremely scarce. It was completed under great pressure for epidemic prevention and control.

The “1 out 2 type” high-end fully automatic mask machine developed by the Aviation Industry Group has also successfully rolled off the assembly line in Beijing. This type of mask machine consists of 793 items and a total of 2365 parts. It can be operated by a single person with simple training. It is planned to achieve batch production of 20 sets. After all 24 sets including prototypes are put into production, 3 million masks will be produced every day. Li Zhiqiang, president of the China Aviation Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, introduced: “These 24 mask machines are expected to be put into production at the end of March, and the daily output will be more than one million in a short period of time.”

While relevant enterprises continued their efforts, the SASAC urgently promoted the increase in the development and production of key equipment such as medical mask machines, protective clothing layering machines, and adopted the “multiple companies, multiple solutions, and multiple paths” model to tackle key problems. As of March 7, 6 companies including Aviation Industry Corporation and China State Shipbuilding Corporation have manufactured 574 bead machines, 153 flat mask machines and 18 three-dimensional mask machines.

my country is the world’s largest producer and exporter of masks, with an annual output accounting for about 50% of the world. According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2019, the output of masks in mainland China exceeded 5 billion, and medical masks that can be used for virus protection accounted for 54%. Therefore, China’s production capacity is of significance to the global fight against the epidemic. Take the United States as an example. The United States is asking four overseas companies that have invested in Asia’s largest economy to return to China to produce masks and other medical protective equipment to meet the needs of the United States. However, officials from the US Department of Health pointed out that the raw materials for the production of related products need to be supplied by the Chinese market. In fact, mask manufacturers in the United States have almost all moved their factories to the Chinese market, and 90% of American masks are imported from China.