Automatic Disposable Slipper making machine

Machine Size L5240* W990 * H1630
Output 60pcs/min
Voltage 220 V/380V
Power 5.5 KW
Pressure 不需要
Fuselage material Aluminium alloy
Special requirement Mask size need to be fixed
It is an automatic machine to produce elastic non-woven slipper. The products is applied  to hospital, hotel, or spa place... Through ultrasonic technology combined with automatic control components, the products can realize the automatic production of each process, What’s more ,product size and shape can be customized according to demand, and can print personalized patterns to meet different needs, low-cost, high efficiency and high quality production! 1. Ultrasonic rolling soles can effectively strengthen friction and hardness 2. Rubber plate rolling printing process, patterns can be changed at any time 3. Mold proportion molding, so the size can be customized 4. Full automatic production, and the rate is stable and efficient, reduce labor cost

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