Automatic Air Filter Bag Making Machine

Machine Size L9870* W1400 * H2100
Output 15-18 pcs/min
Voltage 220 V/380V
Power 27 KW
Pressure 0.6 Mpa
Fuselage material Aluminium alloy
Special requirement Mask size need to be fixed

1.It is designed with the latest technological concept. It can weld 8 layers of materials at the same time.
2.It can be slit and weld the intermediate strips at one time and the size of the product incision can be set.
3. The finished product can be equipped with automatic rewinding function.
4. The whole machine is automatic production, stable and efficient, and can effectively improve market competitiveness.
5.It is a fully automatic production with stable operation, less labor costs, High quality and efficiency.

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